Amarillo Storms: What You Should Know About Avoiding Charlatans And Roofing

Many Amarillo have been devastated by recent rain and hail storms. Churches, small businesses, and other commercial buildings don't know where to turn for their metal roofing needs. As such, many businessmen from out of town come in and set up an "office," in an establishment with a monthly lease or a trailer on a rented lot.

Customers are flabbergasted later when they want to find someone to answer for their poor roofing job or have a warranty to find only shadows and the ghost of a company. That is why you should trust a local company that puts its town first. Commercial Industrial Builders, locally operated and sourced, providing fast response times to building needs and quality jobs. When it's time for routine maintenance and touch ups on your metal roof, we will be right here where you found us in the first place. We're dedicated to our Amarillo customers.